Class Offerings

What are the benefits of registering for a course or class series?

  • It provides just the right amount of motivation to deepen your commitment to wellbeing.

  • It allows you to get to know your instructor & your fellow students, so a sense of safety & comfort can unfold organically through familiarity & routine.

  • It provides the space & time for you to witness the incremental fruits of your learning & practice.

  • It ensures that there's a spot in class saved just for you!

What are the benefits of a one-time workshop, pop-up class or special event?

  • Sometimes we just do not have the time to commit to a full course or class series, but we are curious to learn something new.

  • Sometimes a highly skilled teacher or unique topic comes along that is just too intriguing to pass up.

  • Sometimes in order to grow, flourish or re-energize our practice, it's helpful to delve deeper, explore a new experience or open to a different perspective.

  • Sometimes its just good old enriching fun!

What are the benefits of private sessions?

  • They help supplement current class offerings and workshop topics.

  • They allow you to delve more deeply into certain practices, techniques or other wellness modalities.

  • They provide specialized instruction that can help establish life changing healthy habits based on your individual needs and wellness goals.

  • They accommodate personal limitations or health conditions that make individual instruction a more accessible option than group classes.