Rest & Digest Relaxation

Friday, November 25, 10:30 AM-12 NOON

In person at Maitri Center

A restorative practice integrating gentle movement, guided relaxation, and other modalities intended to aid digestion after a heavy Thanksgiving meal and to reset our nervous system as we enter more fully into the holiday season. This is a very gentle practice appropriate for all levels of experience.

To support your comfort, please bring your own yoga or pilates mat and a bolster, cushion or pillow(s). You might also wish to bring your own blanket and eye pillow/mask if you have one.

Cost: $20 per person

Runners Clinic

yoga ~strength ~ meditation ~ nutrition ~ running

Coming Soon!!

Bring your running shoes, a yoga mat & an open mind as we tap into methods that support the body & mind for a renewed sense of joy & vitality in the act of running. This workshop will explore mindfulness techniques, yoga-inspired exercises that target key muscle groups for optimal strengthening, stretching & balance, exercise nutrition and 30 minutes of self-­paced running outdoors. We’ll end with deeper stretches & a guided relaxation for full integration & recovery.

All running levels welcome.


Glenn Petrie, ISSA Certified Trainer

Kelly Petrie, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga for a Healthy Spine

Taught by Kelly Petrie, RYT500

A heathy spine leads to healthy posture, which can help alleviate back, neck, and shoulder tension. Through theory and practice, students will explore yoga exercises that encourage the supportive muscles of the spine and its connective tissues to work in harmony for optimal spine health.

Great for gardeners, people who do heavy labor, office workers, & anyone who has ever experienced (or wishes to avoid) back or neck tension!

Inner Peace & Contentment: Transitioning into the New Year

Taught by Kelly Petrie, MA

Participants will explore a selection of contemplative practices intended to quiet the mind and touch into a state of calm centeredness. Guided meditations, journaling prompts, and reflection will aid our discoveries along the way, as we reconnect with our personal values and what brings meaning and purpose to our individual lives.

For adults & older teens. No experience necessary.