Pop Up Classes

Pop Up classes are offered periodically throughout the year, adding variation to our practice! They are a wonderful way to refresh & revitalize! Below are a few examples of past Pop Ups.

Yoga Nidra

Ground down and fall into deep relaxation through the practice of yoga nidra. We will begin with some gentle floor stretches to release tension and stimulate healthy digestion. Then, through the main practice of yoga nidra, you will be lovingly guided in setting an intention followed by the incremental rotation of consciousness throughout the body, which can have the power to result in deep relaxation & restfulness.

No experience necessary. Appropriate for adults & college students.

Teen /Parent Yoga

Laughing together ~ Breathing together ~ Relaxing together

Students in grades 6-12 are invited to share this special class with a parent or caregiver. Together we will explore yoga, meditation, & partner poses in a fun, relaxed way!

No experience necessary.

Mindful Writing

Grab a pen and your journal (or scratch paper!) for an exploration of inner awareness and self-expression through writing. We will begin with a grounding practice, hear words of wisdom from contemplative authors, and embark on a series of simple exercises designed to awaken our genuine creative essence.

No experience necessary. Appropriate for adults and college students who are curious about practicing mindfulness through alternative modalities.

Compassion Meditation

Fully guided practice in loving-kindness and compassion to cultivate love, appreciation, and goodwill toward ourselves and others. A nourishing practice for easing feelings of difficulty and expanding our hearts with joy.

No experience necessary. Appropriate for adults and college students.

Sitting Together

Mindfulness for Families

What better way to spend precious family time than to explore activity-based mindfulness practices together!

All ages are welcome, although especially suited for children in grades K-5.

No previous experience necessary.