Mission & Vision


Our mission is to guide, inspire & nurture mindful living for people of all ages & abilities through educational opportunities, embodied presence & experiential practices of wellbeing.


We envision a world that nourishes our individual capacities to experience a deep sense of wellbeing, impassioned learning & interconnectivity. We believe human flourishing happens when we feel welcome, safe, appreciated & respected for who we are. We believe we feel empowered when we understand & connect to our innate basic goodness & inner wisdom - through maitri - and that we empower others when we recognize their goodness & importance in our world.

Core Values

Safety ~ Acceptance ~ Awareness ~ Authenticity ~ Compassion ~ Skillfulness ~ Beginner's Mind ~ Patience ~ Generosity ~ Kindness ~ Playfulness ~ Inclusivity ~ Interconnectivity ~ Virtue ~ Intentionality ~ Trust ~ Appreciation ~ Respect