Special Courses

Foundations of Mindfulness

5-week online course for adults | Attend virtually or watch the replay

Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:45 PM

March 17-April 14

Taught by Kelly Petrie, guest teacher on Andrea Russell's online platform.

Mindfulness is an invaluable skill that can impact our physical health and our social-emotional wellbeing in profoundly positive ways. Through the practice of mindfulness, we become more aware, balanced, and present. Our lives become enriched, because rather than struggling against the slings & arrows of life, we learn to relax into the joy of simply being.

The foundation of mindfulness is developing the capacity to steady one’s attention on present moment experience, and to do so with open-hearted curiosity and wakefulness.

In this virtual 5-week series, you will be presented with lessons and experiential practices that support a relaxed, stable, clear way of being. There will be plenty of opportunity to share your experiences with the practices and to ask questions.

Our journey together will include an introductory exploration of:

  • Basic meditation instruction

  • Walking meditation

  • Loving-kindness & compassion practice

  • Essential qualities of mindfulness

  • Bringing mindfulness into daily activities & everyday life

Everyone is welcome. No prior experience is necessary. Please bring a journal to class each week. A sturdy chair or meditation cushion recommended for formal sitting practices.

Introduction to the Five Wisdom Energies

Currently not offered - please check back again!

Improve communciation, self-understanding & relationships!

Come explore this intriguing contemplative approach to understanding personalities, emotions, and relationships through the interplay of the five elemental energies! Also known as the Five Buddha Families, these dynamic energies exist within a system known as the mandala principle and give rise to a rich array of qualities that influence how we perceive and interact with the world. Throughout this informative, experiential course, you will cultivate greater self-awareness, uncover personal strengths, learn how to transform & relate more compassionately to various emotional states, and unleash creative expression!

All Maitri Center classes are inclusive of trans and gender fluid people. We recognize that gender is not dependent on how someone looks and can be something other than male or female. One’s gender is often inferred by the pronoun used as reference (he/she/they). We encourage mindfulness around individually desired pronouns.