Special Courses

Embodied Presence: The Essence of Mindful Living 

Currently not offered - check back soon!

In person at Maitri Center

An all-new exploration of the essential elements of mindful living!

Mindfulness is an invaluable skill that can impact our physical health and our social-emotional wellbeing in profoundly positive ways. Through the practice of mindfulness, we become more aware, balanced, and present. Our lives become enriched, because rather than struggling against the slings & arrows of life, we learn to relax into the joy of simply being. 

Together we will explore meditation, the power of intention, mindful speaking & listening, embracing change & uncertainty with courage & compassion, and discovering renewed connection through embodiment practices. 

Appropriate for adults & teens 18+ with or without previous experience. 

Introduction to the Five Wisdom Energies

Currently not offered - check back again!

An intriguing contemplative approach to understanding personalities, emotions, and relationships through the interplay of five elemental energies!

All Maitri Center classes are inclusive of trans and gender fluid people. We recognize that gender is not dependent on how someone looks and can be something other than male or female. One’s gender is often inferred by the pronoun used as reference (he/she/they). We encourage mindfulness around individually desired pronouns.