Mindfulness is about bringing intentional awareness, curiosity & kindness to present moment experiences so that we can navigate life’s ups & downs with greater compassion & wisdom

Cultivating mindful awareness settles the mind & opens the heart in ways that allow us to experience the circumstances of our lives with a deeper sense of balance, gratitude & perennial wellbeing.

Cultivating mindful awareness can be experienced through many different modalities & techniques (often referred to as contemplative practices), which is why I take a compassionate, integrative approach that honors our unique dispositions & learning styles.

Ultimately though, mindfulness is a way of being, expressed through our true nature. These courses help us reconnect with innate qualities that are already within us. This unfolding of rediscovery can have boundless benefits.

The Art of Being Mindful

Virtual guidance from the comfort of your own home or office over the lunch hour!

Mindfulness is a skill that can be learned & practiced as a way of meeting life’s ups & downs with greater balance, compassion, and resiliency.

Whether you are new to mindfulness & meditation, or have previous experience, join me weekly for simple lessons & themed practices that can have a positive & profound impact on your life! Questions & sharing of experiences are part of this interactive learning experience. 

Taught by Kelly Petrie.

Appropriate for adults, college students and older teens who have an interest in learning & practicing mindfulness meditation in an online community setting.

Half Day Mindfulness Retreat

Coming soon!

It is said that the depth of our mindfulness experience multiplies exponentially while on retreat. Steep in the practice of sitting & walking meditation, loving-kindness & compassion practice, reflection exercises, and mindful movement. 

Fully guided. Recommended for people with prior experience in mindfulness or meditation. Movement practices are gentle and appropriate for all abilities.